fr6We are proud to share some testimonials from our loyal patients and look forward to providing the same experiences for you and your child.

My daughter has been a patient of Dr. Mir since she was 2 months old. I only wish she had been her pediatrician since birth. Dr. Mir has been an excellent doctor and goes above and beyond to help with the care of my daughter. During a difficult time at her 4 month visit where she was found to have a heart defect and underwent open heart surgery Dr. Mir was a great support to my family. She made me feel at ease at every visit and found a great specialist and surgeon who immediately helped us. She spent time with us at every visit and answered all of my questions and more importantly eased my anxiety. Thanks to Dr. Mir I now have a 10 month old who is crawling and saying mama and dada. I strongly recommend Dr. Mir as a great pediatrician who is dedicated to her patients and one who shows genuine empathy and care. Her staff is always helpful and friendly and wait times are never an issue at her office!

                         -Itzel, April 4, 2011


I have been with Dr. Mir since she opened her new business. My youngest son Aiden was actually her very first client at her new facility. I have been more than impressed with her knowledge as a doctor and her eagerness to find a solution immediately for my sick children. Dr. Mir not only gets me in right away when I have sick children, she returns emergency night calls almost immediately; unheard of in today’s society. When she has diagnosed my children’s illnesses she takes the time to explain it to me in laymen’s terms and eases my mind that everything is going to be alright. I love the fact that she addresses me as a concerned mother and calls my children by their names during our visits. Dr. Mir has not only taken care of the particular child I am bringing in, she asks how my other children are at home. I feel comfortable at her office not only with sweet and friendly office staff; I am impressed with the cleanliness of her office exam rooms and the lobby at every single visit day or night. Trying to get a sick child in for a same day appointment is usually a nightmare but not at Dr. Mir’s office. I highly recommend Dr. Mir’s practice and her knowledgeable staff with praise.

                         -Chantelle, February 24, 2011

 Dr. Mir and her staff have always treated my children and me with kindness and respect, taking plenty of time to explain things and answer questions. As a mom herself, Dr. Mir really understands my concerns and helps me find solutions that will work for my family. The scheduling ease and same day sick appointments at the practice have been so convenient in keeping my family healthy. The office is very clean, close to home and has modern equipment. I recommend Dr. Mir without hesitation to all my friends who are looking for a pediatrician.

                         -Kelly S., ICU Nurse and Mom, February 16, 2011

Dr.Mir has treated my 16 year old daughter,we were both impressed with the treatment she received.The diagnosis and treatment were explained clearly to both of us and we were accomodated quickly and courteously.Very impressive! I would recommend Fox River Pediatrics to anyone seeking quality pediatric care for their child.

                          -Kate M,March 22,2013

Just a note to say thank you for the great care to my family.The doctor and staff are fantastic!Very helpful and courteous.I appreciate all you do.

                      -J F,April  12,2013.

 Fox River Pediatrics is a good place to take your children.Dr.Mir is very informative and patient.She answers any questions and stays on top of what is going on with the children.I am very pleased with the services I receive with Dr.Mir and her friendly staff.

                       -Nicole T,April 16, 2013.

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